Watermelon Daze: Five Great Recipes

by Laura on June 18, 2013

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Not sure what to do with that huge watermelon you bought at the grocery store? We’ve  five tasty watermelon recipes that will change the way you think about this summertime favorite.

It’s summer, and that means it’s watermelon season!

Every time I cut into a watermelon, memories of summertime come flooding back. I remember those hot and humid summer picnics with the family — the sticky sweet juice running down my arms as I devoured slice after cold-and-refreshing slice of watermelon . . . ahh, happiness!

Aside from it’s memory inducing flavor, watermelon is good for you.

  • Vitamin A found in watermelon is important for optimal eye health and boosts immunity by enhancing the infection-fighting actions of white blood cells called lymphocytes.
  • Vitamin B6 found in watermelon helps the immune system produce antibodies and helps maintain normal nerve function and form red blood cells.
  • And, vitamin C in watermelon can help to bolster the immune system’s defenses against infections and viruses and can protect a body from harmful free radicals that can accelerate aging and conditions such as cataracts.

Not bad. So with all this great flavor and all its healthy-ness, I thought it might be time for me to find more ways to enjoy this delicious summertime fruit.  I’ll still enjoy my watermelon sliced, but I’ll be adding these delicious recipes to our summertime fare. Enjoy!


Watermelon Gazpacho

A Classic Chilled Soup

 Watermelon Gazpacho: Chilled soup is a summertime favorite, especially when it’s made with watermelon. This soup has a pleasantly surprising taste, along with a bit of spicy kick from the serrano chile. Enjoy as a light dinner on a hot evening, or serve as an appetizer for any summer meal.


For a Glaze

Chipotle Maple Citrus Watermelon Wings: We’re always up for a great new recipe for the grill, and this one uses one of our favorite summertime fruits, the watermelon. Grab your  chicken wings, crank up the grill and get glazing.

Delicious Appetizer

Delicious Appetizer

Watermelon Feta Bruschetta: Expand the possibilities of watermelon, and create this refreshing appetizer that is perfect for picnics, barbecues, and parties. The addition of feta cheese and the flavor of herbs take this summer fruit to new flavor heights.



 Watermelon Granita: Quick, easy, refreshing and very satisfying. The sweet, juicy flavor of watermelon is the perfect choice for creating a summertime treat worth the wait. It takes no time to create, but you’ll have to wait until it freezes.

The Drink of Summer

The Drink of Summer

Watermelon Agua Fresca: Refresh with this agua fresca, and enjoy the flavors of summer in a glass.

We hope you’ll keep the memories going as you enjoy and refresh this summer with these delicious watermelon recipes. Let us know about your favorite watermelon recipes.

You can find more recipes and fun at the National Watermelon Promotion Board website.


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