Ultimate Ice-Cream Sandwiches

by Laura on July 7, 2013

in Desserts, Ice Cream/Granita


Rich, chocolate wafers can  be transformed into delicious ice-cream sandwiches when filled with your favorite store-bought or homemade ice cream. We like the Yin and Yang combination of vanilla ice cream and chocolate cookies.

Bake and cool the cookies according to the recipe.

Place a small scoop of soft ice cream on the bottom of one of the cookies. Cover with a second cookie bottom side down and gently press to make a sandwich.

Repeat until a 6 sandwiches are made and place in the freezer immediately. Freeze until completely hard, at least 2 hours.

To store, individually wrap in plastic or put in an airtight container in the freezer.

Source: Pure Chocolate, by Fran Bigelow with Helene Siegel, Broadway Books, 2004.



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