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by Laura on January 31, 2010

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We are all given the gift of time, yet everyone views it and uses it differently. Just think of all we can do with the 24 hours each day:

  • We spend time;
  • We lose time;
  • We waste time;
  • We find time;
  • We have enough time;
  • We don’t have enough time;
  • Time goes by fast;
  • Time is money;
  • Time to get busy;
  • Time to rest;
  • Time of my life;
  • Olden times;
  • A long time;
  • Time and again;
  • Using time wisely;
  • Timing is everything;
  • Time to get up;
  • Time to eat;
  • Time to get dressed;
  • Time to go to school or work;
  • Time to catch the bus;
  • Time-out;
  • Time for work;
  • Time for play;
  • Time to leave;
  • Time to go home;
  • Time for bed;
  • We had a good time;
  • We had a bad time;
  • What a fun time;
  • Our timing is off;
  • What time is it?;
  • Time to be quiet!;


Right now, I’m spending time in California, visiting with my kids and grandkids. Back home, our ‘time’ is spent on more quiet things – coffee and a newspaper in the morning, computer time, listening to the radio and television, deciding on our activities for the day, planning our dinner, and more than likely, going to the grocery store to pick up the ingredients for that dinner. Then, we each get involved with our activities for the day.

It’s not like that here in Laura and Greg’s house! There’s not much quiet time, as far as I can tell. Their day begins early in the morning – no time for relaxing with a cup of coffee and the newspaper. With four little children ready for breakfast, then ready for pre-school or school, timing is everything. But, it most often works like clockwork! They know what needs to be accomplished, and together it gets accomplished.

Since Laura works at her home office, she has this time to accomplish as much as she can before it’s time to pick up the children from school. Then, dinner needs to be put together, time with the kids, then it’s bedtime. This is nothing new – everyone has similar schedule, but everyone handles it differently.

Since we live at the other end of the country, I don’t get to see her in action. Just listening to her schedule makes me weary. It also makes me proud of how she is handling things. There is always ‘time’ for each of her children and for her husband. And, her work is first class. Occasionally, she finds time for herself, albeit from 4 to  FIVE a.m.

I love being here among the high-level of excitement. All four of the kids are so enthusiastic to participate in everything – well, almost everything. I know that the minute I get the mixer out to bake a little something for them, I hear four little chairs being dragged over to where I’m working. They all want to help – and they all do help. What a joy to see this in such little children. My hope is that it lasts a lifetime. What a wonderful memory for me, and hopefully for them.

My time away from them all is filled with good memories of being together, and remembering how well my daughter is spending her time.

I had the time of my life.

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