The Mad Dash: Packing for my Sanity

by Laura on March 25, 2014

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Packing Snacks: From Mayhem to Contained

Spring has sprung, and I am high strung. Business travel for both myself and Greg has left the two of us tag-teaming it with the kids. I am desperately trying to keep my head above water — the four recently joined a swim team, little league is in full swing, and I’m squeezing in piano and guitar lessons in between homework – and meals!

It’s a puzzle, trying to figure out who goes where and what time – and to stay on top of their snacks and meals. Right now, I need after school/before swim snacks. I need dinner ready to go when we get back from swimming just before 6. I need the patience and planning to ensure things go smoothly. But, as I found out this past week, it’s not so much the meals, but the in-between meals, that are really throwing me for a loop. It’s the on-the-go snacks that I really need to focus on, so that I don’t find myself in a bind, letting them eat crackers to energize them through their activities — and, I need them packed and organized to ensure that they don’t end up all over the car.

The Mad Dash

It’s usually a mad dash to fill a bag with these snacks before heading out to pick them up. I throw in a tub of dried fruit, a bag of almonds, cut up apples or tangerines, and maybe some crackers with peanut butter. As I’m driving them to the pool, they rummage through the bag scavenging for the snacks.  By the time the kids finish ravaging  the snacks, not only do I have crumbs all over the car, but they dump all over the bag that I brought the snacks in.

Clearly, I need something that will keep the snacks contained, cooled, and easily accessible.

Recently while in Chicago at the International Home & Housewares Show, I spotted something that could make my life easier:  The Igloo MaxCold soft sides collection.

The collection has been out for several years, but now they have updated it with 25 % more insulation, upgraded materials, and updated features including crushproof EVA compartments for separate dry storage, and pass-through back pockets for the telescoping back handles.

The line includes a Hard Liner Cooler (HLC) 12, HLC 24, Hardtop Gripper 22, Gripper 16, Maxpack, Duffel, Cool Fusion 36 Roller and Cool Fusion 40 Roller. While the new items won’t be available at retail until early next year, check out all that Igloo has to offer on their website. They’ve a lot of options to help you get snacks from home to the game.



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