2011 New Year’s Resolutions

by Laura on January 9, 2011

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Upon reviewing our 2010 Resolutions, we found that we did pretty darn good. To follow in that tradition, here we present our resolutions for the new year.

1. Read More 

Most of our readers would probably say that anything to do with food policy is not considered good reading. But for me, I eat it up. This year, I am dedicated to reading more about complicated issues affecting our food system, then translating them for our readers, in a way that is easy to understand. We won’t preach, but rather inform and present the issues, in an effort to make you, our readers, more aware of how your food choices affect your bodies and the Earth.

2. Experiment with Grains

The National Restaurant Association’s most recent chef survey, What’s Hot in 2011, included predictions for the coming the year’s hottest food trends. And, making multiple appearances on the list was whole grains. What does that mean for Family Eats? Well, that translates to enjoying different grains beyond the usual, white rice or wheat. And, that may include delicious grains such as black rice and buckwheat as well as ancient grains such as kamut, spelt and amaranth. With that in mind, Family Eats will be proactive in presenting new grain recipes in our Weekly Menu, new highlights on grains in our food section, and gentle reminders of the benefits of eating whole, rather than processed, grains.

3. Add More Veggies to our Diet 

With continued efforts to cut back on meat consumption, vegetables should take more of a center-of-the-plate role. In an attempt to go beyond our tried and true favorites – broccoli, carrots and cauliflower – Family Eats will offer up inspiration on new ways to enjoy these old vegetable favorites as well as thoughts, musings and a bit of nudging, on how to add more veggies to your diet – including those you may have grown in your own backyard garden.

4. Try One New Recipe Each Week

We’ve all been there, preparing the same meals time and time again. While many of those meals are family favorites, there comes a time when we all need to spruce things up a bit. Whether it is adding a new twist to old recipes, or venturing into a new cuisine altogether, Family Eats will help you get out of the recipe doldrums and infuse new excitement into your mealtime experience.

5. Buy Local

Making it back on to the list for 2011, the Buy Local resolution is just as much about eating for your own health as it is for the health of the local economy. As Helge Hellberg of Marin Organic pointed out in a recent Family Eats Interview, it is great for the local economy.

“For every dollar spent on local food, that dollar gets circulated 8-13 times (because of wages, other local businesses, local inputs on the farm, etc.) through that community before it leaves the region.  So the economic benefit to that community is $8 to $13, for each dollar spent locally.

If a county spends a million dollars on local food, that has economic power of $8mill – $13mill in the local area.   Whereas, if that same dollar is spent in a chain store or multinational corporation, only pennies end up in the local economy.”

Enough said.

6. Slow Down

Also making a return appearance on the resolutions list is to Slow Down. Get back around the table, and enjoy a homemade meal with friends and family. We’ve already discussed the multitude of benefits that families enjoy when they eat together, so why haven’t you been doing it? Wouldn’t it be nice to slow down a bit, forget your overscheduling ways, and sit down with your family and friends over some great food? Clear you calendar, disconnect from the web, and get connected with your family.

7. Stop Watching and Become a Participant

Instead of watching everyone cook – i.e. Iron Chef, Hell’s Kitchen, Cupcake Wars, Outrageous Foods, and the like – and get in the kitchen and cook yourself. Turn off the television and get yourself back into the kitchen. You know you can do it. Muffins aren’t hard to make, pasta is pretty easy, and  all it takes is a bit of initiative. No need to create anything fancy, just something tasty– and that is easy to make. Family Eats will continue to offer inspiration, helping you all get back into the kitchen. You’ll find that the real food entertainment isn’t on television, it’s in your kitchen.

This year, let’s reconnect with the food we eat and the families we love.

Have a great 2011!

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