Time Together

by Laura on February 24, 2009

in Traditions

Each Table tradition is born our of the moments when all of us are together.  That is usually around the table eating, or celebrating a birthday or the holidays.  Sometimes things will derive out of planning and then keeping it on the calendar so that we can recreate it the following year, or in some cases, each night.

Table Traditions are the best way to create memories.  Try adding one to each years activities.  1st Day of School, dawning of Spring, Birthdays, meals and family vacations are all good excuses to create a Table Tradition that will become a Family Tradition.

The memories of everyone together, in happy times, sad times or just plan hanging out are the times that you will always remember and hold dear, so will the kids.  Remember when you were taking a drink of milk, someone at the table made you laugh and out came the milk, through you nose.

Have fun.

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