The Liivia Fruit Ripener

by Laura on September 27, 2009

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Several months back, I learned about the Liivia Fruit Ripener, a bowl that sits on your countertop and helps you control the ripening process of fruits. I immediately had to have one. I was tired of the hard, unripe fruit that I bought with the hopes that it would ripen at some point during the week – or month. The brown paper bag I would stick the fruit in to hasten ripening, wouldn’t always do the trick. And, when it finally did, I would often forget about the fruit I had tucked inside until it was an inedible mashed mess.

The Fruit Ripener is handy for so many reasons. I’ve bought pears at the grocery store that are so hard, they take weeks until they are ready to be consumed. And, because I shop once a week, it is always frustrating when everything is ripe at the same time – I want things to last throughout the week.

When using the Liivia, I no longer have that problem. The chamber design evenly circulates the fruit’s natural ripening gas (ethylene), keeping fruit juicy. It is a completely natural process that creates a positive feedback loop to seed the ripening process while allowing the fruit to retain moisture.

What is also great is that I can control when the fruits ripen. If I want only a few pears, bananas, or kiwis ripened, I’ll place them inside the bowl at the same time. Once ripe, I remove them from the bowl and place them on the upper platter where ripening isn’t accelerated, and the fruit is accessible to eat. It takes about a day to ripen, so I keep a rotation going; once ripe, I remove and add more.

The Liivia is attractive as well, much more than that brown paper bag I used to use. It is made of borosilicate glass and a stainless steel base with thermoplastic rubber feed to prevent slipping or scratching.

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