Saying Goodbye to a Old and Loyal Friend – Our Waffle Iron

by Laura on February 27, 2011

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It has been nearly a week since you left us, dear waffle iron, leaving a hole in our bellies and a space in our cupboard. In your absence, we are reminded of the years of loyal service and of joyous memories that you brought to us – memories that will no doubt remain with us for years to come.

You were the gift I had never thought I would need. When I first laid eyes on you, I incorrectly judged you, assuming that you would be just another small kitchen electric that would fill up our already stuffed cupboards. But you quickly proved your worth to me, and won a place in the hearts of the entire family. I can’t imagine how I ever managed without a friend like you.

For the past six years, you were a constant fixture in our lives. Ready to jump into action no matter how early in the morning I dragged you out of the cupboard. With each fluffy-on-the-inside, crunchy-on-the-outside waffle you cooked, you warmed our hearts and filled our bellies so many Saturday mornings. We asked a lot of you – cooking multiple batches of waffles to feed us for b reakfast and stock our freezer for mid-week waffle fixes. You did so, all with the same consistency, without wavering.

Thank you dear waffle iron, you gave yourself unselfishly, you always gave everything that I asked of you and opened my mind to new adventures.

Yes, you showed me how delicious homemade waffles could be – so much more satisfying than your cousin, the frozen waffle. But you were also quick to read my different moods and change to meet my needs. Those little pizelle plates added a whole new dimension to snack and dessert time. With a quick sprinkle of powdered sugar, the kids were munching on warm Italian waffle cookies while the neighborhood kids were eating ‘Nilla Wafers. Oh, and we can’t forget the joy Pizelle S’mores brought to dessert time – a joy that would never had been possible without you in our lives. And I must not forget to mention that you were a trailblazer, cranking out ahead-of-the-panini-trend sandwiches with your sandwich plates.

Even with all your devotion, I feel guilty that I allowed my mind to wander — to search for other waffle makers to replace you. But after only a brief fantasy-filled online courtship, I would come to realize that I could never find another waffle iron that was as versatile, durable and loyal as you were.

Now as you sit there on the counter with your smudged Vitantonio moniker, broken leg, and ailing heating element, I realize that I have no other choice but to say goodbye. You were a good frend; a loyal friend; a friend until the end. I only hope that I will find another to do at least half of what you did for us.

We will miss you – Love, the Everage family

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