Putting the Summer Behind Us

by Laura on August 19, 2013

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LakeFishing550Back in June as the end of the school year came to a close, we looked forward to the next two months of summer fun. While our friends were off to Europe, Hawaii and their second homes at Lake Tahoe, or looking forward to a host of summer camps filled with trail riding, swimming, and learning how to surf, we chose to spend the time reconnecting with our families in Ohio and Oklahoma.

It was to be a summer of family fun, building memories with family, sharing with the kids some of our favorite summer traditions . . . just plain fun. We camped, crafted, swam, and cooked. We laughed, hugged, and looked forward to our next adventure.

But, for all the fun summer brings, we have had our fair share of sorrow – during both visits. Without getting into specifics, let’s just say, we were thrown for a loop, and found ourselves switching from fun mode to support mode.

As I look back on both trips (although I’m still in Oklahoma), it has become clear to me is what helps us celebrate in times of joy and comfort us in times of sorrow – is food and family.

After spending our days having fun swimming in Lake Erie, or boating on Grand Lake, we reconvened around the table at the end of the day. And, when crisis hit, that is where we found ourselves once again. The meals were the connection, where we could talk of the fun we had during the day, or support each other as we faced the sorrows.

Through the good and the bad, we pulled together and made sure everyone was nourished, everyone shared a story, and everyone felt a part of the day’s events. It was a place where we were reconnected and nourished – by the food and the family.

As summer fun turns into the hectic fall season filled with the start of school, sports, or other seasonal festivities, make it a priority to grab your family, slow down, and enjoy a meal together. Share in the joys and the sorrows of the day, and reconnect with the family you love.



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