Nothing a cut won’t teach you

by Laura on July 1, 2009

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Nothing like a cut finger to remind you that knife safety in the kitchen is something that should always be on the front burner.

This morning, Grayson was the first up, and joined me in the kitchen while I was making his lunch. He asked for pineapple, so I grabbed it to cut. He wanted to help, using his Furi knife (kids version), which we keep handy in the drawer. Excited to help, he started to tug on the knife’s protective sheath. While taking the knife from his hand, I told him that he had to be careful removing it because he might cut himself.

I should have taken my own advice, because as I removed the blade cover, the knife slipped and I cut my own finger. Nothing bad, but just enough to give me the opportunity to remind Grayson the importance of knife safety at all times.

It wasn’t a big lecture, perhaps my own cut finger provided for the perfect ‘lecture,’ but a short reminder discussion that knives are dangerous and can hurt you if you don’t pay attention at all times.

After bandaging up my finger, we got back to cutting the pineapple. He made perfect slices, and filled his lunch container with exactly the amount he knew he would need. A sense of accomplishment for him, and a little knife safety lesson revisited for the both of us.

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