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by Laura on March 28, 2010

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It has been a bit over a week since I returned from Chicago where I attended the International Home & Housewares Show. While there, I aw hundreds of new products for the kitchen being introduced by companies ranging from fromCuisnart and KitchenAid to OXO, Rosanna and DeLonghi.  Lately, I find myself in the kitchen, realizing how much I truly could use some of those new items. With that in mind, I’ve scoured my notes of all things new and notable at the show, and present here my Wish List. Perhaps it will serve as a bit of inspiration for you . . .

1.  Food Dehydrators

One of the oldest methods of preserving foods, but one I have yet to try myself is food dehydrators. I spoke at length with Chef Lacey Berry of the Bosch Kitchen Center in St. George, Utah, who was at the Kitchen Resources booth and was able to share her experiences with me about dehydration. Having never used one before, I was a bit skeptical about how versatile it could be. I don’t want to ad another countertop appliance to my kitchen, unless I know I will use it.  But, after speaking with Chef Lacey, I have to admit, I’m sold on he dehydrator. She inspired me to start creating healthy snacks for the kid. The FilterPro dehydrator from L’Equip is an energy efficient machine, using filtered air to dry the food. The unit lets you stack up to 20 trays, giving you up to 24 square feet of drying space, and boasts variable temperature control for precise results. It is time for me to start creating healthy snacks for the kids, for after school or on the road. Fruits and veggies won’t go to waste,; and I see trail mix, herb and seasoning blends, fruit leathers and yogurt on the horizon.

2.  Tools for the Grill

Now that the rain has stopped and the weather has turned warm, I see how lonely our Weber Grill has been this winter. I am definitely ready to get back outside and have Greg start grilling, and to do that we need a few grilling essentials. We’ve the basic tools required for success at the grill, but I found a few new tools that put a new twist on a classic tool. The new Grill’n line from Chef’n includes A Grinder, BBQ Sifter (to apply pre-made rubs and seasonings), Sauce Mop, Barbecue Tongs, BBQ Turner, and my favorite the Branch Skewer. This skewer is more than just one straight skewer, it is a branch of skewers to give me ability to grill up more kebabs, sausages, vegetables, in one compact, and functional design. I’m also intrigued by the Sauce Mop that holds large quantities of sauce in its heat-resistant silicone mop bristles. Maybe, just maybe, this year, I’ll join Greg behind the grill. The Grill’n products will be available April 2010.

3.  Mini Chill Bowl and Box

I’m in desperate need of new lunch packaging options for Grayson,, and there certainly were a lot of new items at the show. One in particular, the Aladdin Mini Chill Bowl (and Box) is an insulated containers that come with an ice pod to help keep food cool for three hours.  Designed for ease of use for small hands, the container comes with an ice pod, that can be separated from the container and placed in the freezer. When frozen, it is simply popped back into place, and keeps things cool for over 3 hours. The BPA free container won’t be available until this Fall, but I am certainly keeping this on my radar, since I’ll be preparing lunches for two kids this coming year.

4.  Pots and Pans

Through the years, I have collected a variety of different pieces of cookware from several different companies. What this has offered me is the ability to chose a pan according to how, and what I am cooking. Typically, cookware manufacturers offer us cookware sets, all of the same construction, but as I have experienced , one cookware construction isn’t universal. Sometimes one material just doesn’t work for all applications. Now, Regal Ware created the UnityTM collection of cookware pairing the right tool and material with the cooking task at hand. This collection allows consumers to take the guesswork out of cooking and enjoy the experience. The Unity line of cookware combines three different cookware constructions: Tri-ply stainless steel ideal for all kinds of cooking, but essential when preparing delicate sauces, gravies and chocolates; Stainless steel with aluminum core base to deliver direct heat to the pan base, essential when searing meats and sautéing; and solid cast aluminum, with EcoSatin nonstick, giving performance for long simmering stews, roasts and casseroles, or for grilling sandwiches.

5.  Ice Tea makers

With warm weather arriving, I think of refreshing beverages. One of my favorite summertime beverages has always been iced tea, but I don’t usually make it at home because it requires a bit of forethought. (And, I’m not a powdered iced tea fan). Takeya’s Flash Chill iced tea maker is a great way to make iced tea naturally and easily. First, you brew in the Tea Maker, then pour it in the Chilling Pitcher, filled with ice cubes, and close the lid. With a gentle shake, you have freshly brewed iced tea in a matter of seconds. The Tea Maker’s 24-ounce pitcher is made of BPA-free AcraGlassTM, that won’t stain or hold odors like regular plastics. The infuser attaches to the removable rotating lid, and lets you steep loose, leaf, bagged or flowing tea. The brewed tea is simply poured into the Chilling Pitcher, lid in place, and voila, iced tea. The airtight lid makes the pitcher completely leak-proof – you can even lay down the pitcher in the refrigerator. Flash Chill is currently available at Amazon, Sur La table and other independent kitchenware stores around the U.S.

6.  Clean Water

Hydration was a big theme at this year’s show. AtZeroWater, uses an ion exchange filter, compare to the conventional carbon-based filters, that perform a 5-stage filtration process, to produce water that is free from lead, chlorine mercury, aluminum and other minerals and solids found in drinking water. Completely pure water, – I actually saw the filter turn wine into water! The unit comes with a handy TDS meter, to measure the amount of total dissolved solids in the water, and to allow you to more accurately monitor when it is time to change the filter.

7.  Bakeware

Baking brings lot of pleasure to me – and of course my efforts are well-received by the family. I have my standard cookies cakes and sweets that I love to bake, but I am always looking for a new way to add an extra special touch (without a lot more effort). That’s why one of my favorite pans for baking a quick and easy vanilla pound cake is a Bundt cake pan from Nordic Ware – not a traditional one, but one that almost makes my cake look like a castle. Very little adornment is needed – just a sprinkle of powdered sugar, or a drizzle of a lemon butter frosting. Through the years the company has introduced many fabulous shaped pans and their latest is no letdown. The Brownie Bites Pan is made of durable cast aluminum to provide for superior baking performance and has exquisite detail. The fleur de lis shape on each individual cavities makes this a pan ideal for brownies, chocolate, gelatin or tiny teacakes. Thanks again, Nordic Ware for making my baked goods look even more special.


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