Making Father’s Day a Win/Win for Everyone

by Laura on June 17, 2011

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As Father’s Day readies to arrive, I wonder what to buy Greg this year. For me, personal yet practical gifts are essential when it comes to Father’s Day. A traditional shirt and tie is useless in his casual workplace, and since he’s not a high-tech gadget-obsessed man, I have to dig deep to figure out something that he will use.

According to the National Retail Federation, customers will spend an average of $106.49 on their dads and granddads this year. The figure is the highest in the eight-year history of the NRF’s Consumer Intentions and Actions Father’s Day survey, which estimates total spending of those 18 and older to exceed $11 billion.

When it comes to celebrating the man in our lives, Golf Grilling and Gadgets seem to always be on the top of the list for Father’s Day gifts, but how do those gadgets stack up to practicality in our house?


Greg has a bag of golf clubs that only gets handled when we move from one house to another. Like most men, he enjoys golfing, but the sport just doesn’t fit our lifestyle these days. In the decade that I have known him, he has played golf a handful of times. And, I have to say, after a week filled with making meals, planning play dates and entertaining the kids, I’m not too keen on sending him off on a weekend to play golf for hours on end, then hang with the guys at the bar afterwards.

Actually, because of his busy work schedule, I know Greg would rather spend time with the family, than away from us on the links. Therefore, I must think of what game could he play with the kids? How about horseshoes, bocce ball or croquet? They will keep them in the backyard (so I can easily call him in to tend to the Honey Do list) and give him quality time with the kids as well. Now that’s a Win/Win for everyone.


Hmm, now perhaps gadgets might be an option. But gadgets from the leather beer holster to the keychain breathalyzer are useless — at least for him. Likewise, he’s not a gamer, so the latest gaming equipment and latest game releases would be underused in our house (unless the kids discovered them). And, I’m not into buying him personal grooming gadgets, so I guess that leaves me with gadgets for the kitchen. You know, man kitchen tools such as cutlery, cutting boards, aprons, a digital read thermometer, pepper grinder, automatic coffee maker/espresso machine- those kitchen gadgets that help him feel confident and dominate in the kitchen. Actually, I’m all game for letting him further explore his culinary curiosities,

I’ll just be sure to include some kitchen clean up gadgets as well, so that I can lessen my time in the kitchen after he whips up dinner.

Which leads me to grilling . . .

Go for the Grilling

Yeah, buy him new accessories, a new grill, and steaks to go with it. That way, he’s the one cooking dinner on Father’s Day, not you. Even if your man may isn’t into grilling, there are so many accessories that can help transform him into a Grilling God who loves to cook dinner!

If he’s an avid griller, don’t forget to outfit him with a steak marinaterpizza stonegrill lights, and hamburger presses. There is no shortage of grilling accessories. And if you think he has it all for the grill, why not get him somegrill charms, those dime-sized stainless steel charms than can be placed on the meat before grilling. Just in case he gets distracted watching a ball game, throwing a Frisbee, or lounging at the backyard pool, this grill accessory helps distinguish spices and flavors, steak temperatures and even health or allergy issues.

We’re pretty well equipped on the grilling side, so we’ve looked elsewhere for inspiration for this year’s Father’s Day gift. All I can say (‘cause he’s reading this), is that we’ll all be enjoying the gift!

Stay Tuned . . .

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