Le Creuset 12” Oblong Grill Pan and Other Tools

by Laura on October 25, 2009

in Favorite Finds

This basic cast iron grill pan with black enamel ridges separates the fat from the food and is great for indoor grilling. My wife Laura gave me this grill pan as a Christmas present.  This was a smart gift because Laura likes my grilling abilities and this thoughtful present made sure she would have great tasting grilled food, rain or shine.  This heavy piece heats evenly and can handle very high heat giving you the ability to truly sear fish, meat and shellfish.  This tried-and-true pan is also great when a recipe requires you to go from the stove to the oven.  As are all cast iron pieces, this grill pan can be challenging to clean but the flavor and the indoor grilling capability makes it one item I pull from the cabinet time and time again.  The Le Creuset 12” Oblong Grill Pan will last for an eternity and would be very useful in fending off any home intruder. www.lecreuset.com

Cuisinart – Stainless Steel Hand Blender: 16 oz. Chopper and Whisk Attachment – 200 Watts

God’s gift to “no fuss, no muss” motto.  This streamlined, easy to handle and powerful tool works like a charm.  It quickly blends, chops and purifies the task at hand.  The grip on this Stick Blender is very comfortable and is designed to help in the handling of the tool.  I have used this for making baby food and full-on complex recipes.  It cleans up quickly and all of the parts, except the handle/motor, are dishwasher safe.  It comes with a number of attachments, which makes it versatile and effective in the busy kitchen.  I once wondered if I had to choose between my power drill and the Cuisinart Stainless Steel Hand Blender, which would I choose?  I thought long and hard, and it all came down to the tool that would help feed my family. www.cuisinart.com

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