It’s a New Year: It’s time for some ‘Homemade Homemade’

by Laura on January 6, 2017

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The Marcato Marga

The Marcato Marga

As the new year arrives, so too has a new opportunity. Recently, the Marcato Marga Mulino Grain Mill arrived in the mail, and, with the dawn of a new year, we’re excited to experience how the mill will help our family take the next step in making more healthy food choices.

We have always focused on healthy food choices. We eat very little packaged or prepared foods. We eat out infrequently. We make our own bread, muffins, granola, pasta sauce, yogurt, ice cream, etc. etc. We shun products with unpronounceable ingredients, while continuing to fill our pantry with bulk food ingredients for our homemade varieties of what can be found on store shelves.

Yet, one step we have yet to make is taking our whole grain consumption to the next level.

We know that whole grains are part of a healthy diet, and help fight off many chronic diseases, from heart disease to diabetes, but we have yet to move beyond purchasing the processed grains.

The Marga Grain Mill is the nudge we needed – it’s what we call ‘taking baby steps’ to reach a desired outcome. And, with the Marga, our next baby step is to grind our own flour and cereal, so that our homemade foods are healthier than before.


I spent my first Marga experience grinding wheat into flour for Greg’s bread-baking. It took a few passes to get the hang of it, but in the end, our ground wheat was ready to be used!

Next up, our whole oats were ground for use in our homemade granola. Admittedly I was a bit wary as to whether or not the kids would like the granola made with freshly ground oats – mainly because the oaty  flavor is more pronounced. But, it was gobbled up as a snack before I had the chance to get in jarred and into the pantry.

Addison calls this next step in our healthy heating adventure, “Homemade Homemade.”

Join us on our Homemade Homemade adventure this year. We’re looking forward to experimenting with our Marcato Marga Mulino! And maybe, just maybe, we can inspire you to take the baby step and choose to grind ingredients so you can make something Homemade.

Happy 2017!


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