Homemade Candy: A Guest Post

by Laura on July 18, 2013

in Candy/Confections, DIY, Food

Once again, we welcome Marcela De Vivo to Family Eats. This time, she’s created a “Candy Land”-themed graphic that covers recipes for homemade candies. From licorice to peanut brittle, Marcela has created a fun way to illustrate some of our favorite treats! Thank, Marcela, for another great post for Family Eats. You can read her last post here

Some of our fondest memories growing up is the smell of baked goods filling up our home as mom or dad makes treats in the kitchen. The sights and smell of baked goods becomes ingrained in our minds – peppermint bark becomes associated with the holiday season and homemade fudge becomes a tradition. While it is easy to purchase these sweet treats at the store, it is special when family can gather around the kitchen to make something together for the whole family to enjoy. Have them out for display in cute, convenient, and clear candy racks to decorate a dining room table and to enjoy for dessert, or share them with friends as a lovely homemade gift.

Since you are making these candies, you will know exactly what you are putting into the mix, meaning more control over the healthiness of the treats for your loved ones to enjoy. Take a look at this infographic for classic candy recipe ideas. They use only a handful of ingredients and they are easy to prepare and make. Making homemade treats can become a time honored tradition in your home for your own children to recall when they are older the smell of baked goods wafting through your home.

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