Helping America Go Red!

by Laura on February 8, 2013

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As chairperson of the American Heart Association’s Go Red for Women campaign Rosanna Bowles, of Rosanna, Inc. shares with us her insight and involvement with the campaign as she helps America Go Red.

How did you get involved in the Go Red for Women campaign?

Last year I attended the Seattle Go Red for Women Luncheon with some girlfriends of mine. It was there that I learned about the real dangers of heart disease and was astounded. Heart disease is the number one killer of women – more than cancer. I had no idea! It is also a silent killer: You could be going about your day, start to feel funny, and then you’re gone. I feel it is extremely important that women educate themselves and learn how to prevent heart disease. Not only that, during the luncheon I was so incredibly moved by the energy and power of all the women in the room. It was something I felt compelled to be a part of. So when the American Heart Association asked, I jumped at the opportunity!


How are you promoting and getting the word out?

Stress is a large factor when it comes to developing heart disease. We women have a tendency to put ourselves last when it comes to family, work, and social obligations and can get bogged down in the stress of every day life. To get the word out about Go Red, I’ve partnered with many local companies in and around Seattle that women go to for every aspect of their life – shopping, eating out with friends, spa-ing, pharmacies – to do things like offer discounts, have red windows doing heart month… I’ve really targeted places that women flock to and enjoy going to.


Do you have a personal connection to the cause?

I was brought up in a family of three girls, my company is almost entirely staffed by women, and I have two daughters. It touched me in a very profound way knowing about this terrible silent threat to all women. As a leader in my community, I felt it was my responsibility to educate women about the dangers of heart disease and help Go Red’s efforts in the spread of cardiovascular disease.


With your chair position, what is the message you would like to get out about the cause?

We women often put ourselves last. As a wife, mother, sister, friend, and business owner, I am constantly attending to the needs of others. This often leaves me stressed, which can lead to cardiovascular problems like heart disease. In working with Go Red for Women, I have learned that it’s okay to take a step back and attend to your needs. I want other women to know this and realize how healthy it can be to put yourself first every once in awhile.


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