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by Laura on December 4, 2012

in ReLaunch

We know, you haven’t heard much from us lately. Just like you, we’ve been busy. Busy with work, busy with family, busy with life.

A lot of my focus has been on helping out on the re-launch of Coffee Universe, a website dedicated to bringing coffee loving consumers (like you) the latest on coffee news, information and culture. If you get a moment, please take the chance to visit the site – and, of course follow us.

With Coffee Universe launched, I turned my efforts into the long-overdue update for Family Eats. Don’t get us wrong, Greg and I loved it, but as life goes, things change, and so must our website. When we first designed our site four years ago, we created it from the ground up — working with a developer to create a site that did just what we wanted it to do. But, in the few short years since our launch in early 2009, the world of self-publishing and blogging has taken off. Everyone who desires to do so, can quickly create their own blog, and start writing, posting, and sharing, all with a few clicks.

With our existing site, we found it hard for us to make those kinds of changes without having to contact the site developer to write new html code. So we decided to make things easier on us, and to switch over our platform and start publishing on WordPress.

But still, things weren’t that easy. We had lots and lots of posts on the site, and we wanted to maintain the look of Family Eats, so we had to find someone to help.

A huge “Thank You” goes out to Zesty Blog Consulting, who brought Family Eats over to WordPress, and  helped maintain main of the old elements of the site, while allowing us the ability to change and morph as needed. (Zesty helped with Coffee Universe as well.)

On the newly redesigned Family Eats, you’ll find a lot of the same content, just a bit more streamlined. We’ll be blogging, conducting interviews with experts, offering information about food and kitchenware just like before, but with a bit more depth.

You can count on us to continue to provide content that will get you thinking about Reconnecting with the food you eat and the family you love. As well, Family Eats will put a bit more focus on bringing information about food policy to you, breaking it down so that you can better understand how it may relate to you and your family.

We’ll turn to experts to help you better digest the information and make your own decisions.

Additionally, we will continue to offer up recipes, but what you’ll find on our site are tried and true recipes that we know work (My pet peeve is finding a recipe online that just doesn’t work). To help us on that front, we will continue to go to trusted sources (such as Cuisinart, Emile Henry, Oldways, and more) for chef-created recipes. At the same time, we will continue to include those we have dug up from magazines, cookbooks, and our own family traditions, but give the assurance that we have actually tried them, as it is our promise that we bring to you recipes that work. And, if you have a problem with one of the recipes we highlight, please let us know.

I’ve spent lots of time moving all of our content over to the new site, but we’re still working diligently on getting all the pictures back and links up to date. Please be patient with us as we finalize the transferring of content over to the new site.

And, in the spirit of giving our readers a website that they can use, please don’t hesitate to email us with any thoughts, ideas, and inspiration for what you would like to see on Family Eats.

Thanks for re-joining us on our adventure of Reconnecting with the food we eat and the family we love.


Family Eats – Laura, Greg, Grayson, Nicole, Addison and Keely

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