Grayson the Pasta Maker

by Laura on January 18, 2009

in Food

Well, we did it. Grayson helped make the pasta. He participated in every stage, helping mix the ingredients for the pasta, then kneading it, and of course, his favorite part ‘cranking the machine.’ All in all, it didn’t take much time – yes, a bit more time than store-bought pasta, but the experience of the family making it together is well worth the few extra minutes. When running the pasta through the Atlas pasta machine, Grayson was amazed at how the machine performed – he decided which size spaghetti we were to make – actually making two thicknesses. days later, he is still talking about it. In fact, he had a little ‘tantrum’ because we were making left-over pasta and not making it from scratch! Until next time, enjoy Food and the Family

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