Cuban Bella

by Laura on July 13, 2017

in Cocktails, Drink


The Cuban Bella

We enjoyed this during our visit to Cuba a few years ago. This time around, we mixed it up for a summer drink during our visit to Grand Lake in Oklahoma. A surprisingly refreshing drink, that is perfect for the hot summer months — or all year round!

  • 1/2 shot of Creme de Menthe (or 3 leaves of fresh mint)
  • 1/2 shot grenadine
  • 4 shots orange juice
  • 1.5 shots of light rum (Havana Rum, preferred!)
  • ice

Pour Creme de Menthe in glass filled with ice, or muddle fresh mint in bottom. (if using fresh mint, muddle first then add the ice)

Pour the orange juice into glass, try not to mix with the Creme de Menthe.

Mix grenadine and rum in another cup, then pour into cocktail, and enjoy.



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