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by Laura on March 7, 2013

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Chai Now If you’re like me, I drink my coffee in the morning, then switch to another beverage. For me, it is typically tea, which I enjoy late morning and throughout the day while sitting at my desk. But then, I received some chai in the mail, and I seem to be enjoying it as my late morning beverage gifving me a beverage that has layers of flavors – and a istory that dates back 5,000 years.

Legend has it that a king created the recipe as a healing beverage. Since that time, authentic chai was consumed to naturally to heal the body, and was used in the healing tradition of ayurveda alternative medicine. No need to cite any health studies, as we all know tea offers antioxidants, and all the spices used in chai have a healthy value. For example, ginger helps with digestion; cinnamon increases circulation; and cardamom is known to benefit the lungs and heart.

Recipes vary, as they are often passed down through generations, offering layers of flavors that starts with a black tea base, then brings in spices (cardamom, cinnamon, ginger, star anise, peppercorns and cloves), sweeteners (such as, sugar, honey, brown sugar, coconut) and a mix of water or milk. Traditionally served warm, but chilled is also delightful.

My re-entry into drinking chai came when I received some samples from Tipu’s Chai. TheBipinTipus company name – and the recipe – came from the company’s founded, Bipin Patel (that’s him to the right), who opened a vegetarian Indian restaurant in Montana called Tipu’s Tiger (named after Tipu Sultan) in 1998, using mostly family recipes, one of which was his grandmother’s chai recipe. As he tells it, “We used to make between 10-15 gallons of chai every day. Before long, local cafes and restaurants wanted to serve it to their patrons, so we developed various chai products to serve their needs. Tipu’s Chai was born! A few years ago, I sold the restaurant to focus on the chai business.”

Back home here at Family Eats, the kids were intrigued. Usually they comment (while rolling their eyes), “Oh, Mom just got some more coffee sent to her.” But this time, it was the smell that drew them in. Keely, who smells everything, was the first to notice. “Mom, that smells good, can I have some?”

Now, my weekend moments with my late morning beverage – which is now chai – are no longer spent alone. I am joined by at least one of my children.

Tipu’s Chai offers a collection of chai offerings including Slow Brew, concentrate, and  Tipu’s Chai Now, which is what we enjoyed. Here is a bit more about the Tipu’s Chai Now line:

All You Need is Water is a quick-brew chai tea latte made with black tea, organic spices, organic non-GMO soy milk powder, organic evaporated cane juice and ginger. This product is also vegan, dairy-free, gluten-free, certified kosher and includes four grams of protein per serving. Chai fans simply add hot (or cold) water for a chai tea latte on the go.

Sweet & Spicy is sweetened and spiced just right and simply needs boiling water and your choice of milk, almondmilk, soy or another milk substitute for a creamy cup of chai. The Sweet & Spicy sweetened chai tea blend is made with high-quality black tea, organic spices, organic evaporated cane juice and ginger for a healthy dose of authentic chai.

The Simple Life uses soluble microground Black Chai tea without sweeteners or milk products. It is pure black tea, organic spices and ginger.

To learn more about the company, and to purchase Tipu’s Chai Now, visit the company website.

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