Celebrating the Art of Giving: Gifts from the Kitchen

by Laura on December 1, 2013

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As shoppers crowd the malls and jam the web in search of the perfect gift for their friends and family, I head to the kitchen to make many of my gifts. Whether it is a batch of cookies for a party, truffles for a sweetheart, or caramel corn for snack time, homemade gifts are always welcomed.

Giving the gift of homemade baked goods doesn’t always have to require lots of time in the kitchen From baking cookies to bread, be sure to choose a recipe that is simple enough to bake, but offers great personal touch. Here are a few of our favorite gift-worthy treats – homemade in the kitchen.

Something Creamy: Peanut Butter Fudge

Grandpa liked to do things in excess – and that was always good thing for us grandchildren, especially when it came to him making his peanut butter fudge. I haven’t had Pa’s in many years, but Mom whipped up a batch during my recent visit, and it brought back lots of great memories. Here is the recipe, easy to make, but brings lots of smiles to those who receive it.

For Peanut Butter Fudge recipe

Something Traditional: Grandma’s Bohemian-Czech Hoska Bread

Every Christmas, Grandma would make a delicious holiday yeast bread, and we couldn’t wait to enjoy it as a snack while opening our presents on Christmas morning. Often filled with almonds and orange peels, (Grandma made ours without), this rich, yeasty, slightly sweet bread is sure to please. Homemade holiday breads of any kind are great gifts, so we welcome you to try this family favorite of ours.

For Grandma’s Bohemian-Czech Hoska Bread recipe

Something Sweet: Dark Chocolate Truffles

A box of candy is a perfect hostess gift, but when it is homemade, you’ll be sure to receive high accolades for your efforts. And this recipe doesn’t require you be a professional confectioner, just be sure you don’t eat the truffles all up before you wrap them in a box.

For Dark Chocolate Truffles recipe


Something Crunchy: Caramel Corn

Late 1800s when caramel corn made its big debut at the World Fair, and since then it has been a favorite of families across the world. Although caramel corn is a popular snack during Halloween, I find that it is a festive gift for the Winter Holidays. Easy to make, the only problem is, you’ll probably eat most of the ‘profits’ before they’re wrapped and ready to go.

For Caramel Corn recipe

Something Cookie-y: Stangle

Everyone has their favorite  Christmas cookies. Whether it’s a sugar cookie-cutter cookies, gingerbread, or chocolate and peppermint crunch cookie, instead of heading to the store to buy a dozen for the office cookie exchange, give the gift of something a bit different. Here is one that will surely stand out from the rest.

For Stangle recipe

Something Spicy: Homemade Spice Blends

Their pleasant aromas, flavorful essential oils, and healthful properties are the reasons spices were once traded as currency. Now you can give the gift of flavor to your friends by creating a collection of homemade spice blends. From a Warm Spice Blend to the more exotic Garam Masala, package those spice blends in a collection of small bottles and give the gift of flavor this holiday season. Don’t forget to include a recipe to use the spice blend.

For Garam Masala

For Warm Spice Blend



Something Bright Red: Homemade Tomato Sauce

Holiday gift giving doesn’t always have to be about something sweet. When you give the gift of a favorite family recipe anything goes – especially when it’s the recipe for the family’s tomato sauce! Bottle up Grandma’s trade secret recipe or include one of your more recent creations and share it with friends. If  you’re looking for an easy-to-make and delicious recipe, try this tasty Tomato Vodka Sauce.

For the Tomato Vodka Sauce

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