Slowing Down for a Breather

April 4, 2014 Featured


Most days, around 4 p.m., if I’m not heading out in the car for the remainder of the day, I pop open a bottle of wine and pour myself a glass. I have to admit that it is usually a mad rush to get the bottle uncorked, the glass poured, and then raised up to […]

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Test Kitchen: Homemade Yogurt

February 26, 2014 Test Kitchen

Homemade Blueberry Yogurt

  I have a DIY list – one that includes all those things I’d like to find the time to make myself, rather than purchase. My list includes everything from  knit sweaters and scrapbooks of my kids’ baby days, to natural home cleansers and   shampoos. When it comes to DIY in my kitchen, we’ve […]

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Tovolo Glide-A-Scoop Ice Cream Tub

February 15, 2014 Favorite Finds


It may be cold and snowing outside, but we’re still enjoying making our ice cream this winter. From peppermint at Christmas to vanilla bean and chocolate chip for Valentine’s Day, and all the birthdays in between, our Cuisinart ice cream and sorbet maker has been getting a workout a one of our favorite tools in […]

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Oven to Table Ware: Sweet & Savory Served with Simplicity and Style

February 3, 2014 Preparing


The kitchen can be a hectic place, which is why I always turn to my favorite tools and cookware to help me get through the process. A key part of my collection is finding multipurpose items that not only save on the space (I’ve a small kitchen), save on time (I’m crunched for time), and […]

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Putting the iCoffee SteamBrew Technology to the Test

January 29, 2014 coffee

Coffee in the morning

It was last year at about this time when I first heard the iCoffee by Remington story. It was a story that was 7 years and more than 1,200 prototypes in the making. Back in 2005, Bruce Burrows, the founder and inventor of this innovative new coffee maker began his pursuit of finding a way […]

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Organized in the New Year

January 16, 2014 Blog


We’re two weeks into the new year and I am slowly making my way through a resolution to be more organized in many aspects of my life. And, a big part of that has to do with what goes on in my kitchen. Sometimes I’m organized and calm. Other times I just can’t seem to […]

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Slow Cooker Holidays

December 6, 2013 Holidays/Christmas


You call it a ‘crock pot,’ I call it a ‘slow cooker.’ Either way, we’re still talking the same language. And, this season, when thoughts are on roasting pans, carving knives and pie plates, the slow cooker is definitely a must-use for the holiday. Cooking over low heat for a long time is an ancient […]

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Essential Roasting Tools

December 1, 2013 Holidays/Christmas


The menu has been planned, the shopping is complete, and now it is time to get cooking. Whether it is a turkey, a beef roast, leg of lamb or a delicious glazed ham, having the proper roasting equipment on hand will make the process go much more smoothly. And, the results will so much more […]

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Thanksgiving Planning: The Tools

November 12, 2013 Featured


  With just 2 ½ weeks to Thanksgiving, I’m well into my planning mode. I just don’t like it when I leave things to the last minute, then have to rush around to gather things that I need. I like lists, and try to get working on completing that list as soon as it is […]

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monbento: reinventing the art of dining on the move

September 18, 2013 Tools


We’ve been talking a lot about school lunches recently, so we thought we would remind our readers that taking lunch to work, can be just as challenging for adults as it is packing it for kids. To help make it easier, and more fashionable, we talk to Fabien Marret, one of the founders of monbento, about their […]

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