Sustainable Food Storage with Bee’s Wrap

March 28, 2017 Favorite Finds


I’m always grabbing some plastic wrap, or in search of a container post dinner, for lunches, and after we bake our  homemade bread. What bothers me more than the search for something to cover and store my food, is the amount of plastic we use to do it!  That’s why when I ran across Bee’s […]

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Ginger and Alessi’s new Boga

March 1, 2017 Favorite Finds


Ginger has been a traditional remedy for thousands of years, used to treat various stomach ailments from motion or morning sickness to an upset stomach, gas, colic, nausea, and even osteoarthritis. Spicy, yet sometimes sweet, ginger is versatile for use in bar mixes, beer, confections, muffins, cookies, tea — and is an essential in Asian […]

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Blossom eCap and Weck

February 15, 2017 Favorite Finds


Modern homesteaders, DIYers, and traditional home cooks have been embracing home canning jars  for so much more than canning fruits and vegetables. While I haven’t fully indulged in the craze, I have been known to use them from time to time for everything from serving drinks to storing beans to holding candles. With DIY crafting […]

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Sunday Supper: Dinner and Conversation

February 6, 2017 Partaking


Crazy busy as our lives are, I manage to get homemade meals on the table every evening (with the occasional, opt out). What is essential in ensuring this happens is my meal planning. Part of my weekly ritual, my meal planning gives me the opportunity to shop for all the weekly essentials at one time, […]

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It’s a New Year: It’s time for some ‘Homemade Homemade’

January 6, 2017 Blog

The Marcato Marga

As the new year arrives, so too has a new opportunity. Recently, the Marcato Marga Mulino Grain Mill arrived in the mail, and, with the dawn of a new year, we’re excited to experience how the mill will help our family take the next step in making more healthy food choices. We have always focused […]

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Thanksgiving Planning: Sharpen Those Knives

November 8, 2016 Planning

Blade Care

Twice a year, when Daylight Savings rolls around, in addition to changing the batteries on our smoke detector, we check our knives to see if they need sharpening. If you missed your opportunity this time around, Thanksgiving Planning is the perfect time to ensure your knives are ready for  meal preparation and carving duties in […]

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Alessi Circus

October 18, 2016 Favorite Finds


My kitchen is always a circus. Pots clanging, kids speeding through, water boiling, dishes in the sink, me yelling, “Can someone please set the table!” It’s energy-filled, excitement, with a bit of chaos. That’s exactly why I love the new Alessi Circus collection. Not necessarily the same hectic ‘circus’ I described, rather a refined and […]

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Microplane Cube Grater

January 19, 2016 Favorite Finds

Microplane Cube Grater: Cheese, Chocolate, Carrots and more

We’re always looking for ways to cut down on clutter in the kitchen — seeking multi-functional kitchen tools that make meal prep and entertaining easier and less stressful. Microplane’s Cube Grater is just that. This multi-functional and diminutive gadget playfully recalls the shape of a Rubik’s cube toy and has the functionality of a traditional […]

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Cristel Casteline Cookware

January 14, 2015 Favorite Finds


It’s been nearly 13 years since we’ve updated our cookware – our All-Clad Master Chef collection gifted to us as part of our wedding registry. It has served us well, cooking everything from scrambled eggs and frittatas, to searing meats and baking pasta dishes for our growing family. But lately, the nonstick pieces have been […]

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Baking and Cookie Sheets: A Review

December 9, 2014 Featured


It’s cookie-baking season, and the house is filled with cheer. But, with everything else that is going on, I want to ensure that I continue to maintain a bit of cheer when baking. Nothing can be more frustrating than taking the time to bake cookies and not have them come out properly. I want each […]

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