Thanksgiving Planning: Sharpen Those Knives

November 8, 2016 Planning

Blade Care

Twice a year, when Daylight Savings rolls around, in addition to changing the batteries on our smoke detector, we check our knives to see if they need sharpening. If you missed your opportunity this time around, Thanksgiving Planning is the perfect time to ensure your knives are ready for  meal preparation and carving duties in […]

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Meal Planning: Ten Years Later

October 13, 2016 Blog


I happened upon the following blog post from 10 years ago. The more things change, the more they stay the same! Monday, September 04, 2006 Updating this blog has been sporadic these days – with my husband on the road a lot lately, a nanny who quit, and the news that I’m expecting twins – […]

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Carrot Storage Tips

September 15, 2016 Planning


Did you know that you can keep your carrots crisper, longer by following these simple steps? * Remove the green tops. The greens will continue to draw moisture from the carrots, causing them to go limp. You can enjoy the tops in salads, soups, or by making them into pesto. * Store your carrots submerged […]

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Nature Calls

August 18, 2016 Blog

Nature is Calling

Several years ago, we lived in a home with a huge back yard. Greg built a garden box and filled it with everything from pumpkins and kale to beans and tomatoes. The centerpiece of that yard was a prolific pear tree. Throughout the late summer we enjoyed the bounty, using those pears for everything from […]

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Somebody Moved my Cheese (or, Falling in Love with my Chemex)

August 9, 2016 Blog


Sixteen years ago as I was readying to move across country from Miami to Santa Monica, a friend gave me a copy of Who Moved My Cheese?, by Dr. Spencer Johnson. It was an appropriate gift. I had lived in Miami for 12 years and was happy with my life, my job, my friends. Basically, […]

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The End.

January 13, 2016 Blog

The sun sets on another year!

It is the end, of craziness. Today, January 13, 2016 marks my official New Year. I’m almost 2 weeks late in celebrating the arrival of 2016, but with the delivery of more than 2 dozen homemade donuts to my daughter’s school yesterday morning (for her birthday celebration), I am officially off the hook for any […]

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Celebrating Earth Day in the Kitchen

April 2, 2015 Featured


The first Earth Day, held on April 22, 1970, heralded an emerging consciousness of the impact our day-to-day activities had on the environment. Since that day 45 years ago, environmental concerns have come to the forefront, and have come to affect our choices from cars to the food we eat. In celebration of Earth Day […]

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Today’s Lesson: Peruse Your Old Recipes from Time to Time

February 10, 2015 Desserts

Chocolate  Mousse610X

                                If you’re anything like me, you’re stuck in a rut, re-working the same 15 or so recipes in the kitchen. They’re the ones I’m most comfortable with (at this time), and more importantly, the ones my family (i.e. the […]

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Ten Food Safety Tips

September 30, 2014 Blog


The Federal government estimates that there are about 48 million cases of foodborne illness annually — the equivalent of sickening 1 in 6 Americans each year. And each year, these illnesses result in an estimated 128,000 hospitalizations and 3,000 deaths. Although everyone is susceptible, some people are at greater risk for developing foodborne illness including […]

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School Lunch: Packing a Punch

August 13, 2014 Food

Off to School

It is that time of the year again, when many parents take a deep breath and dive head first into packing school lunches. While the majority of parents opt to purchase a lunch at school, a recent study published by the Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics found that 41 percent of U.S. […]

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