Ten Summer Recipes

July 19, 2016 Blog


We’re always in search of  fun ways to refresh ourselves during the summer, so we dug deep into our recipe box for some old favorites, and then added some new ones we just tried. Perfect for kids and adults alike, these recipes are sure to please. 1. Semifreddo Who says you can’t enjoy homemade ice […]

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Celebrating Earth Day in the Kitchen

April 2, 2015 Featured


The first Earth Day, held on April 22, 1970, heralded an emerging consciousness of the impact our day-to-day activities had on the environment. Since that day 45 years ago, environmental concerns have come to the forefront, and have come to affect our choices from cars to the food we eat. In celebration of Earth Day […]

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Baking and Cookie Sheets: A Review

December 9, 2014 Featured


It’s cookie-baking season, and the house is filled with cheer. But, with everything else that is going on, I want to ensure that I continue to maintain a bit of cheer when baking. Nothing can be more frustrating than taking the time to bake cookies and not have them come out properly. I want each […]

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Summer Beverages

June 24, 2014 Drink


An Infusion of Fun and Refreshment with Primula Flavor Now System As I look at our window I see the plums ripening, the birds darting to and fro, and kids out on their bikes. Clearly summer is upon us, and so it is time to ring in some of my favorite refreshing summer recipes. Infusing […]

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Slowing Down for a Breather

April 4, 2014 Featured


Most days, around 4 p.m., if I’m not heading out in the car for the remainder of the day, I pop open a bottle of wine and pour myself a glass. I have to admit that it is usually a mad rush to get the bottle uncorked, the glass poured, and then raised up to […]

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Celebrating the Art of Giving: Gifts from the Kitchen

December 1, 2013 DIY


As shoppers crowd the malls and jam the web in search of the perfect gift for their friends and family, I head to the kitchen to make many of my gifts. Whether it is a batch of cookies for a party, truffles for a sweetheart, or caramel corn for snack time, homemade gifts are always welcomed. […]

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Thanksgiving Planning: The Tools

November 12, 2013 Featured


  With just 2 ½ weeks to Thanksgiving, I’m well into my planning mode. I just don’t like it when I leave things to the last minute, then have to rush around to gather things that I need. I like lists, and try to get working on completing that list as soon as it is […]

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Thanksgiving: Planning

November 11, 2013 Featured


The Family Eats Four Pillars  (Planning, Purchasing, Preparing, and Partaking) are important to follow on a daily basis, but during holiday time, it is even more important. Without proper planning, you’ll be running out of patience as you’re racing against the clock to get things prepared. Without proper purchasing, you may make several short runs to […]

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Halloween Party Planning

October 22, 2013 Blog


This past weekend, we held our 10th annual Pumpkin Caving Party. It’s a great Everage family tradition in which we invite our friends to come on over and enjoy some food and drink, while carving the pumpkins. What makes it particularly fun is that it’s not just a kids party, it’s a family party. Held […]

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Bake Sale Lessons Learned

September 23, 2013 A Year in Our Kitchen 2013


This past weekend, a two-day art festival was being held at the park across the street. That meant we’d have a constant flow of cars and foot traffic passing by our house throughout the weekend. A light bulb went off in my head. This would be a perfect time to go through all those boxes […]

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