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by Laura on January 17, 2018

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I do this every year. I make my resolutions and then don’t follow through with them. This time around, I’ve scaled back my resolutions, and plan to focus on making small changes so I can feel accomplished.

One resolution that remains on my list is to mix things up at breakfast time. It gets our metabolism going in the morning, providing us with energy for focus (aiding memory and concentration), and when good breakfast choices are made, they are part of a healthy lifestyle.

Changing the Breakfast Routine

Our breakfast routine has been pretty consistent for the past decade. The majority of mornings, we all eat together — and we eat the same breakfast. Greg’s parade of meals include cereal, homemade granola with yogurt, waffles or pancakes (extras frozen from Saturday’s breakfast), eggs, and the occasional smoothie.

But, as the kids grow older, our schedules become more complicated, and our tastes do as well. The kids want more variety – and I’m actually happy that they want to mix it up a bit in the morning.

It is with this in mind, that I resolve to up our breakfast game, and offer the family a greater variety of energy filled breakfast options to ensure we are all starting the day on the right foot.


Shake up Your Wake up with Smoothies

Yes you’re right, smoothies can be filled with sugar, calories, and not-so-healthy ingredients if you’re not careful about what you add to them. We usually prepare smoothies for an afternoon snack, and grab whichever ingredients we have in the kitchen — frozen fruits, a bit of sparkling water or juice . . . But, in our effort to Start our day off on a tasty — and healthy – note, we created this Berry Banana Oatmeal Smoothie that is delicious, filling and made with whole ingredients. Use whichever type of berries you have in your kitchen — strawberry, blueberry or raspberry!

Berry, Banana & Oatmeal Smoothie


We love scones in the morning, and for afternoon snack. Sometimes I make a basic cream scone which takes about 5 minutes to get into the oven. This version takes a bit longer, but definitely well worth the few extra minutes!

Dried Cranberry-Pixie Tangerine Scones with Pixie Tangerine Sauce

Toaster Tarts

You know, grown up Pop Tarts. Surprisingly this recipe for tasty toaster tarts (from King Arthur Flour) is not hard to make at all! They’re a favorite breakfast ‘treat’, and also for an after school snack. We only wish the recipe made more – we always have to double it!

Toaster Tarts (Pop Tarts)

Honey and Orange Polenta

We love polenta and not only for dinner.  Polenta is a tasty and creamy breakfast that is made even more taste-tempting when mixed with honey and the tang of oranges.

Honey and Orange Polenta


The Breakfast Burger

I first made these breakfast burgers for an on-the-go option for early morning swim meets. They’re much better, and more economical, than the options available on the road. I start with my homemade English Muffins, then add or breakfast sausage, bacon, cheese and eggs. It turns out to be a bit healthier egg muffin for morning time, and much more tasty as well. Go ahead and make ahead the English Muffins (and even freeze an extra one or two batches).

English Muffins


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