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by Laura on February 15, 2017

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Modern homesteaders, DIYers, and traditional home cooks have been embracing home canning jars  for so much more than canning fruits and vegetables. While I haven’t fully indulged in the craze, I have been known to use them from time to time for everything from serving drinks to storing beans to holding candles. With DIY crafting creations and creative uses for the kitchen filling Pinterest pages, it is clear that this ‘trend’ is not going away.

Making Storage Easier

When it comes to food, my pantry cupboard is filled with bulk foods — ingredients from flour to beans, nuts and beyond. Most of my bulk foods are stored in OXO POP Containers, with a smattering of others in glass canning jars.

Recently, I got my hands on the German-made Weck jars, a mainstay in European kitchens for more than a century. With their wide-mouthed tapered shape and with the Weck strawberry logo embossed on the side, these canning jars give me a bit more style than the classic Mason jar. All in all, these sturdy and attractive Weck jars are perfect for my needs . . .  except . . . the separate glass lids with metal clamps make the Weck jars impractical to use.

The kids struggle trying to reseal the jars after extracting granola, sea salt, spice rubs, crackers, or whatever is inside (OK, I do as well). So, I wondered how I could make my Weck jars more user friendly.


And that is how I became a big fan of the Blossom eCap, available from Spice Ratchet. These one-piece, multi-use storage caps lock in freshness with an air-tight seal, and will never ever rust. The air-tight seal makes storage and transport yogurt, salad dressings, sauces and soups – even for carrying lunch to work. It is even ideal for storing homemade ice cream in the freezer.

Now, for those who love the shape, but who struggle with the Weck clamp-top, the Blossom eCap ensures ease of use and safety during storage and transport. Fully compliant with FDA & LFGB food-safe silicone requirements, Blossom eCap is my choice for easy, secure and stylish storing and transporting.

Available in two sizes.  The Large Cap snaps over the mouth of any Weck jar with a 3-7/8” opening, the small cap fits Weck jars with a 2-3/8” opening.

And, perhaps my favorite Blossom storage cap Weck jars, is the Infuser eCap! I use this to make my famous salad dressing – and when the jar is empty and cleaned, I’ve been known to infuse oils – allowing me to store the dressing from the fridge to the table in just seconds. And, if I still had little ones, it could also be for a sippy cup at the dinner table!


For anyone who is into traditional mason jars, Blossom has mason jar toppers in a variety of sizes and colors including in two sizes for regular and wide mouth mason jars. Also available is the Infuser Cap, Flower Frog — another one of my favorites used for creating flower arrangements, as well as the Sipping uCap with a straw hole.

You can shop for all these great silicone caps for both Mason and Weck Jars on the Spice Ratchet website.


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