An Open Letter to My Family: What Not to Give Me on Mother’s Day

by Laura on May 5, 2011

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Dear Greg and children,

Once again we find ourselves here. Mother’s Day is just a few days away and you’re probably wondering what to do to celebrate me, mother of four.  What shall we do, and most importantly, what to buy me as a gift. I know it may be confusing, with so many advertisements for jewelry, emails about unique personalized gifts, or even  . . .  a  bowling ball (Yes, this nifty little idea appeared on one list I read). Because I know you’re busy, and that you might not get around to this until Saturday afternoon, I thought I’d help you out a bit. Here is a quick list of what not to get me this Mother’s Day, with a few thoughts on what I might like.

Don’t take me to brunch. This will just increase my anxiety. Remember last week when we went to brunch following Grayson’s First Communion? The kids barely ate their crepes, complaining because the yogurt on top tasted like cheese. Couple this with the fact that the cost of that one brunch equaled that of my whole week ’s worth of groceries, and you’d be best off making me food at home. But, don’t serve me breakfast in bed, especially since the rest of you will be sitting at the kitchen table enjoying time together without me. I want to wallow in the day, and pend time with those four bundles of joy that allow me to partake in Mother’s Day.

Instead, shower me with a day of not having to make meals or snacks. A day of not having to clean up the kitchen. Or, give me the gift of making lunches for the kids for the next week. Bottom line, everyone needs to eat on Mother’s Day. Just make sure that I’m not the one who has to make it, clean up after it, or pay an arm and a leg for it.

Don’t buy me jewelry – Now, I may be putting my foot in my mouth, because I love jewelry. But at this point, do I really need any more? Think about my day . . I spend hours in the kitchen, in between driving kids to and from school, soccer and ballet. I’m chasing kids in the park, vacuuming the floor, and working from a home office. The smile I have on my face while I’m doing all this is sparkly enough.

No, give me something a bit more practical for my day-to-day existence–something that will give me a caffeine jolt to get through the day. If you were planning on buying me diamonds, how about the Jura-Capresso Impressa Z7– a high-tech automatic coffee center that will brew me up delicious coffee by the cup, just like I want it. And if you were thinking in cubic zirconia budget, I’d be happy with aChemex coffee  brewer or a trendy Hario pour over. Any way you look at it, I’ll be assured of brewing a delicious cup of coffee to enjoy all by myself . . . at 4 in the morning.

Don’t buy me a day at the spa – Now, a week at a spa is a different story, but just a few hours at a spa, followed by an immediate return to the craziness of home just undoes all the good of the few hours in the spa. Instead, give me something that will help reduce my stress throughout the week. I may have mentioned it before, but it bears repeating: Pledge to make the kids’ lunches for a week. Do the grocery shopping this week, pre-make some of the meals and have them ready to eat with just a heating.  Find little ways that will help remove the stress of my every day life.

Don’t give me flowers –I need something that lasts a bit longer than flowers.  something that I can proudly claim is mine,  something that lets me escape momentarily into  a quiet moment, such as some Houjicha organic Japanese green tea or Wuyi Da Hong Pao, oolong tea (from Rishi Tea). Complement that with a big box of high quality chocolate –(hint: Fran’s Chocolates Gray and Smoked Salt Caramels) but do so without the kids knowing about it. I don’t want to hear them begging me to share – ‘cause I won’t do it!

Don’t buy me the latest Electronic Gadget – That iPad sounds great, but as soon as I turn it on, the kids will be gathering around begging me to let them play a game. This seemingly perfect Mother’s Day gift will quickly turn into a family gift. Instead, give me something that will make me a hero with the kids such as the Zoku Quick Pop Maker, or how about a gift that won’t attract the kids like bees on honey, such as a dishwasher (yes, the new house doesn’t have a dishwasher), stand mixer or a delivery of high quality cheese once a month.

Thank you, dear family, for understanding. I hope this list gives you a bit of guidance. But in the end, remember, I am always happy with whatever you give me . . even if it is simply a hug and a kiss.

Note: For those of you who are still looking for something to give their wives, Mother’s or anyone this Mother’s Day,hereand here are some of the latest new products hitting the stores.



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