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by Laura on August 21, 2017

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Complementing any home cooked meal is what it is served in, that’s why we opt for beautiful, distinctive serveware to help round out our meal presentation – during the summer and all year round.

Color in the kitchen is one of my favorite things — unique serving dishes, colorful plates, distinctive cups and glassware . . .

And, when we head outdoors to entertain, we ditch the white paper plates and create an eye-catching table, filled with great summer recipes all served up in beautiful tableware.

Here are a few of our Favorite Finds from Revol, a family-owned French company producing culinary porcelain since 1768, which will help you wrap up summer entertaining in style. They are also perfect for enjoyment year-round — bringing the colors of summer to the table any time of the year.

Equinoxe by Revol

Equinoxe by Revol




Equinoxe is a new range of ceramic dinnerware, plates, bowls and serving pieces by Revol. Each piece is hand-finished to create an ombré effect of enameled porcelain leading into a thin black contour for a very elegant finish. Available in three colors: cirrus blue, pepper white (delicate, matte and sleek) and black (with a textural effect created with the black enamel). Equinoxe can be used in the oven, microwave, and dishwasher.




Color Lab

The Color Lab collection from Revol takes things a bit more casual. The porcelain tumblers are submerged in a bath of enamel, creating a radiant and beautiful color combination for the summer season. The Color Lab collection, which includes tumblers, bowls, plates and more, is oven, microwave and dishwasher safe.


The Crumpled Cup

It may look like a solo cup, but the Crumple Collection take the style up a notch. The Crumple Cups are made of porcelain, and are available in fun colors. Go ahead, bake with it, freeze it, drink out of it… in a word, have fun with it!




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