Alessi Circus

by Laura on October 18, 2016

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My kitchen is always a circus. Pots clanging, kids speeding through, water boiling, dishes in the sink, me yelling, “Can someone please set the table!” It’s energy-filled, excitement, with a bit of chaos.

That’s exactly why I love the new Alessi Circus collection. Not necessarily the same hectic ‘circus’ I described, rather a refined and fun take on the circus as it relates to the home.

The new Circus Collection, designed by Marcel Wanders, features tableware and housewares accessories which evoke surprise, excitement, and astonishment — making you feel as if you are at a circus.

Shapes, colors, and designs recall the dazzling lights of the stage, the brilliantly colored costumes, and the gaiety of a merry-go-round. Impeccable accents in bright colors and shiny metallics expertly pair ornate beauty with whimsical design. Each piece is characterized by rhomboid, circular, striped and pointed geometrical figures, in a perfect balance of colors, alternating between white, black, yellow, red, gold and silver.


“The circus is something that goes beyond everyday life. The richness and wonder before our eyes, what we hear and capture without senses, stays with us,” explains Wanders. “It is a very unique feeling of magic and we wanted to celebrate it in an imaginative collection.”


The collection is destined to become family heirlooms and includes One-of-a-kind jars are made of silk-screened glass, embellished with a ring of horses that recalls a merry- go-round. Tin lids delight in their emulation of circus tents, creating a homeware perfect for holding cookies, candy, or any pantry item.

Round trays, placemats, small bowls, salad bowls, and containers are ideal for serving mw34_bparties large or small, stylishly marked by whimsical geometric patterns featuring bright, exciting colors. Plate dessert spreads or appetizers, or serve leafy salads. Each piece is made of delicate bone china.

Furnish a bar with design of the utmost wonder using the ice bucket, bottle stands, and wine cooler. Made of 18/10 stainless steel, these homewares are ideal both for enjoying a glass of wine on a cozy night in, or for entertaining and astonishing a crowd.

The Limited Edition items include:

The Jester is obsessed with opening bottles.

The Jester is Obsessed with Opening Bottles.

The Strongman's Muscles are Perfect for Cracking Nuts.

The Strongman’s muscles are perfect for cracking nuts.


Ballerina Music Box



The Ringleader Rings the Dinner Bell



The Candyman Serves up Treats


For more information about the Alessi Circus line, visit


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