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Banana Cream Pie

A new family favorite around here. This cool and refreshing banana cream pie is surprisingly easy to make. Choose your own pie crust — a vanilla wafer crust, graham cracker, or a traditional pasty crust — you’ll love it with any of them. pie crust – your choice of a vanilla wafer crust, graham cracker, […]


Spanish Deviled Eggs

This delicious deviled egg recipe is suited for using all those leftover Easter Eggs. But, don’t put the recipe away after the holiday, deviled eggs are tasty afternoon treat or picnic and party fare for all year round. If you’re bringing these to an event, it’s best to prepare the components ahead of time and […]

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Test Kitchen


Slowing Down for a Breather

Most days, around 4 p.m., if I’m not heading out in the car for the remainder of the day, I pop open a bottle of wine and pour myself a glass. I have to admit that it is usually a mad rush to get the bottle uncorked, the glass poured, and then raised up to […]

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A Vist to Gospel Flat Farm

Yesterday, I took a break from sitting at my computer, and joined my son’s 5th grade class on an outing to visit Gospel Flat Farm. During the short drive to the farm, the five boys in my car kept me entertained with their singing, storytelling, and silliness, but that was only a warm-up for the […]

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Spring Onions

Celebrate spring with these beautiful alliums. Spring onions offer fresh onion flavor, without the pungency (which makes them very popular with my … [Read More...]

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LARGE ESPRO Press with package500

Espro Press

Anyone who loves French press coffee will love the Espro Press. This innovative press pot is designed to solve the problems that have plagued French Press users for years – filters that don’t properly filter, coffee and tea that keeps getting stronger in the pot, pots that break easily, and brew that cools quickly before you […]


A Mediterranean Refresher: Silk Road Soda

I love this soda and I love this story. I could leave it there, but I thought I’d share with you the reason Silk Road Soda is one of my recent Favorite Finds. Through the years I’ve taste-tested products at trade shows, enjoyed samples sent to my home, and listened to many company owners talk about […]

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